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KYMA MOBILITÀ offers a transportation service by motorboat, discovering Taranto’s most appreciated resource the SEA. The service is divided into a tourist service offering and a scheduled service offering.

Crossings in Mar Piccolo and Mar Grande, aboard the motor ships Adria and Clodia, departing from Piazzale Democrate, will allow you to get to know the city from a new and fascinating perspective.




KYMA Mobilità carries out a maritime transport service, qualified as local public transport, through two motor vessels used to transport people, the CLODIA and the ADRIA, connecting the city of Taranto with the island of S. PIETRO, part of the Cheradi Islands archipelago, located in front of the city, in the Big Sea.

On the island of St. Peter, the Navy, operates a bathing establishment for the use of its own personnel and partially open to the public. For more specific information, contact the secretary of the bathing establishment at. 099 7754645.

The line service through WATERWAYS is offered during the bathing season when the establishment is open(02/06/2023 to 10/09/2023).

Info at KYMA sales office, 21 D’Aquino St. tel. 099 452 6785, or at e-mail addresses kymamobilita@kymamobilita.it and ufficio.vendite@kymamobilita.it


Crossings on Mar Piccolo and Mar Grande, aboard the motor ships Adria and Clodia, will allow you to get to know the city from a new and fascinating perspective.

The route allows one to admire enchanting glimpses of the city of Taranto from the sea, as well as the city’s scenic, historical and natural beauty, in a journey that will not fail to excite.

Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, the trip will be enriched with curious and interesting tales and anecdotes about Taranto’s history and traditions.

RATES: Ordinary € 10.00 | Groups (min. 20 people) € 8.00 | Exclusive use of motorship € 900

Boarding from Democrate Square

It will be possible to purchase tickets from the usual retailers and online, .

The cultural insights offered allow for in-depth study of the most important aspects of local history that are sure to be of educational value to tourists.

Info at KYMA sales office, 21 D’Aquino Street tel. 099 452 6785

or to the e-mail addresses kymamobilita@kymamobilita.it and ufficio.vendite@kymamobilita.it

The tourist service consists of:

Ordinary tourist mini-cruise of about 90 minutes in the seas of Taranto, with tour guide, with scheduled times according to an established schedule of KYMA MOBILITÀ. A knowledgeable guide will be made available by KYMA MOBILITÀ to enrich the trip with curious and interesting anecdotes and stories that will remain in everyone’s memory.

Special tourist mini-cruise with exclusive reservation. Individuals, companies, government agencies, nonprofits, exclusively book the use of the motorboat for an excursion of about 90 minutes; the motorboat is made available ½ hour before the excursion and must be released ½ hour after the excursion.

The guide and additional services offered, such as the selection of people admitted to the excursion (up to a maximum of 250 people) are the responsibility of the organizer purchasing the service.

The service will be rendered by reservation only and subject to the availability of the motorboat and crew.

Tourist excursions for special events specifically organized by KYMA MOBILITÀ .



Admission of the public on KYMA MOBILITY S.p.A.’s motor vessels is subject to possession of regular ticket.

The Customer on board the vehicles of KYMA MOBILITÀ S.p.A. is required to strictly abide by the prohibitions and rules contained in the RULES OF CARRIAGE AND GENERAL CONDITIONS OF TRAVEL FOR MARITIME SERVICES.

Access to St. Peter’s Island, however, will be subject to compliance with specific RULES OF BEHAVIOR, established by the Navy.

Island behavioral norms

Travel regulations