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Regulations, Rates and Parking Facilities


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The manager of the regulated parking service in Taranto is KYMA MOBILITÀ S.p.A., as a result of the so-called direct “in-house” entrustment of the management of the same service by the City of Taranto, for a duration of five years.

The service regulation is contained:

  • By resolution of the Special Commissioner of the City of Taranto, No. 797 of 27/04/2007
  • by resolution of the Taranto City Council, No. 14 of 30/07/2007
  • With “in house providing” contract of entrustment, signed on May 24, 2007, rep. 8327;
  • By resolution of the Taranto City Council, No. 122 of 02/04/2021;
  • with “in-house providing” contract of entrustment, entered into on 02/03/2017, repertory no. 9269, amended 04/23/2021, repertory 9497;
  • By resolution of the Taranto City Council, No. 395 of 04/11/2021;
  • With an appendix to the “in-house providing” contract signed on 11/24/2021,
  • By order of the Local Police Directorate of the City of Taranto no. 615 of 11/30/2021.


In the parking stalls, the fee is charged for all motor vehicles (as classified by Article 54 of the New Highway Code) and all motor veicles (as classified by Article 53 of the New Highway Code) with the exception of motorcycles.

Vehicles that may create difficulties to the parking and traffic flow in the affected areas, either because of their size or the nature of the goods they transport, are not allowed.

Mopeds and motorcycles cannot occupy parking stalls that are subject to charging, but they may use, free of charge, the spaces reserved for them (racks).

Parking is subject to payment of the prescribed fee, with the possibility of splitting it. Specifically, payment of the tariff can be fulfilled:

  • through the use of smartphone applications, with no minimum duration limit and the possibility of payment for the actual minutes of parking used;
  • through the use of parking meters or “scratch and stop” coupons, for a minimum duration of 30 minutes, with the possibility of fractioning by 15 minutes for subsequent fractions of time;




08:30-20:30 – on public roads on all weekdays and pre-holidays, as well as on all Sundays and holidays between January 1 and 6 and between December 1 and 31 of each year, except for the Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day holidays, on whichever day of the week they fall

00:00-24:00 – in fenced public areas for all days of the year, weekdays or holidays.

Extract of the thematic map


In certain pay zones, there is a “park and ride” service that allows people to park in the most peripheral on-road pay zones and use public transportation service to reach the more central destinations in the city.

Free parking will be allowed in these areas for those who purchase a daily or monthly ticket for KYMA MOBILITÀ’s public transportation service, which is functional for modal interchange.

The daily ticket (costing €2.60 and valid for travel during the day on all KYMA MOBILITÀ buses) and the corresponding coupon for free parking in the areas indicated by the appropriate signage is purchased from the area parking meter.

The monthly pass to travel on all KYMA buses and the corresponding badge to park for free in the areas indicated by the appropriate signage is purchased at the KYMA MOBILITY sales office.

The affected areas are:

  • Interchange for those coming from the NORTH – WEST ZONES: Piazzale Democrate; Piazzale Vittime delle Foibe (former restaurant Gambero).
  • Interchange for those coming from SOUTH – EAST ZONES: Viale Magna Grecia (central reservation between Viale Virgilio and Corso Italia); Viale Magna Grecia (central reservation between Corso Italia and Viale Liguria); Viale Magna Grecia (between Via Dalmazia and Viale Liguria, including central reservation); Viale Magna Grecia (central reservation between Via Dalmazia and Via Pisa); Corso Italia (central reservation between Viale Magna Grecia and Via Polesine).


The only exceptions to the payment of the fees specified above are:

  • parking in the stalls on roadways located in the streets subject to charging, by users holding free permits for residents, issued, upon the occurrence of the stipulated conditions, in the number of one per resident household;
  • parking in the stalls on roadways located on the streets subject to charging, by residents in possession of reduced rate passes for residents, issued, upon the occurrence of the stipulated conditions, in the number of one per resident household;
  • parking in paid parking stalls on public roadways during free parking hours (8:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.). Free of charge, however, does not operate for stalls in fenced public areas, for which payment is for the entire day;
  • parking in paid stalls on public roadways during holidays when parking is not explicitly scheduled for by the appropriate signage;
  • parking in the loading and unloading areas for goods specifically set aside for commercial activities, limited to actual uses for that purpose;
  • parking in areas reserved for post offices, banks, law enforcement agencies, citizens with disabilities, motorcycles, according to specific regulations;
  • the parking of disabled users, with a regular badge, in the event that at the time of parking, the reserved parking space for the disabled, marked with yellow stripes, is occupied;
  • parking of physicians on home visits who display the appropriate badge issued by KYMA at the indication of the Order of Physicians of the Province of Taranto; this badge allows free parking, for the duration of 45 minutes, in all paid parking zones. It must be prominently displayed on the car dashboard, together with the time disk indicating the time of arrival.
  • the parking of electric vehicles displaying the appropriate sticker issued by KYMA;


Citizens residing in one of the zones A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H in which there are toll parking stalls, as well as those residing in other municipalities but actually domiciled in one of the aforementioned zones are entitled to be granted a free parking permit in the zone of residence (without hourly limitation) at the rate of one owned car per resident household, without the right to reserve a space and consistent with the supply of available spaces. The granting of the permit is subject to the payment of an annual fee of €20.00. A license plate change is allowed only once during the annual validity. For subsequent plate changes the fee of € 20.00 will be due again.

The fee is not required if the practice is conducted through the online platform.

Each household holding a free permit is entitled to the grant of a monthly pass at a reduced rate of €50.00 for another car owned by a member in the cohabiting household.

Parking of vehicles of citizens holding a free permit, or a permit with a reduced rate is allowed only in the zone of residence, which is indicated on the title itself, and is not allowed in the following zones:

Archita Square; Kennedy Square; SS. Annunziata Square; Liguria Street; “Principe Amedeo”, “Artiglieria”, “Pacoret”, “Oberdan”, “Icco” and “Campania” parking areas.

For more details, requirements, and required documents see


Download Regulations pdf



Citizens may purchase the forms of MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS, at the RATES and conditions stipulated, in the GUIDELINES

Permits and subscriptions can be applied for and obtained through the KYMA SALES NETWORK (specifically c/o the SALES OFFICE), or by following the ON-LINE PURCHASES procedures and the BRAV-AMAT platform.


Parking tickets are dematerialized. Car Driver will no longer be required to display a paper parking ticket (permit or season ticket).

The only remaining paper parking tickets that will be required to be displayed on the windshield remain the “Scratch & Stop” coupons, the receipts issued by parking meters and the specific badges issued by the city administration to people with disabilities;

Public areas in which parking is subject to fee payment, and areas where free parking is allowed for residents, are made known through prescribed road signs.


ICCO automated parking (access regulations)

Automated Parking at Artiglieria.


Purchasers of KYMA Mobility bonds, who needed an invoice, must purchase the bonds, c/o KYMA’s sales office (not at contracted retailers).

At the time of purchase, they must fill in an appropriate application, and deliver it at the sales office at 21 D’Aquino Street